The heart of Del Toro & Santana’s appellate practice is, of course, handling appeals. But Del Toro & Santana’s appellate work includes more than that. Trial judges, lawyers and clients know that when we are involved in litigation, we are prepared to take the case to its ultimate consequences.

Skilled trial representation is only part of the equation. To ensure that our client's litigation needs are fully covered, it is important to think past the trial before it even begins to the likely appeal. By focusing on this critical and very distinct area of the law, our appellate practice is an essential component of our litigation strategy.

Del Toro & Santana is a results-oriented law firm.
Our lawyers are highly experienced in their areas of practice and are very effective in achieving the desired goals for our clients no matter how complex or difficult the case may seem. We focus our efforts in areas where we can be most effective in advising our clients. Furthermore, we evaluate all our cases based on risk analysis to give our clients the most cost-effective way to attain a favorable ruling or settlement.

Our strong and diverse team of lawyers is top caliber.
We take pride in the individuals that make up Del Toro & Santana and we know that our multi-faceted team of lawyers and paralegals will be an asset to our clients, not only in the courtroom, but in many areas of their business. Del Toro & Santana is also committed to our community and we are constantly doing our part in enhancing the quality of life of our communities through our work as well as through our involvement with our clients.